“Michigan State University’s original music man, Professor Leonard Falcone, took a military band and transformed it over the years into a trend-setting marching machine and a concert band par excellence, and in so doing, he influenced music around the world. The biography of this passionate and consummate Director of Bands at Michigan State University is a must-read for anyone who ever watched a Spartan Marching Band halftime show or listened to one of his unique concert performances. And if you did neither, this is still a must-read because there was only one Professor Leonard Falcone, and there will never be another.”

Tim Skubick
Hall of Fame broadcaster, former voice of the Spartan Marching Band, MSU Concert Band first clarinet (1963-67)

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Solid Brass by Rita Griffin Comstock

Panel events

To mark the publication of the book, two panel discussions were held earlier this year. Please listen to the audio from these events below.

1. Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, August 15, 2011

Panelists: Rita Griffin Comstock, Beryl Falcone, Fritz Stansell, and Earle Louder
Moderator: Bill McFarlin


2. Schuler Books, September 9, 2011

Panelists: Beryl Falcone and Ken Bloomquist
Moderator: Tim Skubick



These Leonard Falcone CDs are available for purchase exclusively at falconefestival.org (opens in a new window).

The following audio selections are from the CD Leonard Falcone - Baritone Horn, accompanied by Joseph Evans (piano).

My Regards by Edward Llewellyn

Napoli by Herman Bellstedt

The following audio selections are from the CD Leonard Falcone - Baritone Volume II, accompanied by Joseph Evans (piano).

Tarantella by WH Squire

Blue Bells of Scotland by Arthur Pryor


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